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Divorce Mediation Harlow

Divorce is a very big word. It not only affects the husband wives but also affect the other members of the family especially the children. It’s very difficult for parents to handle their children during relationship breakdown. Relationship breakdown is a very tough time for both the partners- feeling low, emotional, sad and overwhelmed is common. Divorce Mediation Harlowhelps you to go through this tough time and resolve the issue calmly.

Divorce mediation is a process in which mediators work with both the partners and listen to the issues to be resolved carefully. These issues can include child maintenance, property, finance and living arrangements and any other related issues.

Mediation gives you a control which is not possible if you go to court.It’s true that when we are stressed out, we become so negative and say no to everything, and in that case we need a third person who acts positively to find out the easy and less stressful way to resolve our problems. We would really recommend you to consider mediation first before going to the court because it’s a peaceful solution to settle down outside the court.