We are Chelmsford City based

We are dedicated to helping people like you move on

We offer a family mediation service second to none

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We are Chelmsford City based

We are dedicated to helping people like you move on

We offer a family mediation service second to none


We have years of experience and are recognised by the Family Mediation Council and the College of Mediators.


We pride ourselves on the quality and thoroughness of our work.


We offer a comprehensive and impartial service.


What can I expect?

We appreciate that the mediation process may be new to you, so this is briefly what will happen:

  • You are required by solicitors and the court to undergo a MIAM. This is an initial meeting with a mediator to see if mediation is appropriate. You have the choice of having this meeting alone or with your ex-partner.
  • If mediation is appropriate there will be more meetings, usually 1 or 2. In exceptional circumstances, there may be more.
  • Sometimes, if you have the basis of an agreement and possess all the necessary information and documents, mediation can be fast-tracked by making the MIAM part of the first meeting.
  • At the end of mediation, documents are prepared by your mediator summarizing your agreements and decisions so that they can then be submitted to the court by your solicitor.

What We Do

When a relationship breaks down, it leaves people feeling broken, lost and often frightened about what happens next. The future, once clear-cut and certain, is suddenly confused and unknown. This is particularly true when there are children to consider or finances to settle. Everyone has a need or desire to look forward to the future instead of fearing it. It is in situations like this where a mediator can help.

Mediation is a way of sorting out the issues that arise when you separate. Mediators are totally impartial and are there to make sure that your discussions are constructive and that both of you are able to freely express your opinions and wishes in order to eventually arrive at an outcome that will lead you to a better place. Above all the conclusion that you reach with their guidance must feel and actually be fair.

Mediation is not a process for trying to repair your relationship, that is the role of a relationship or marriage counsellor, mediation is there to help bring your relationship to a controlled and acceptable end. The past really is another country, and the focus of mediation must always be firmly on the future, not the past or how you got to where you are.

Our mediators are professionally qualified and offer a high-quality service that is based on years of experience. They are not judges or juries, they do not seek to punish, or produce winners and losers. They are there because they understand your needs and can help all parties in a breakdown find an impartial and agreeable outcome.  Should you wish the outcome to be recorded in the form of a clear written document, the mediator can do this for you too.

Family Mediation in Essex UK

Mediation Essex is a team of highly experienced professional mediators, based in Chelmsford city. We are recognized by the Family Mediation Council and the College of Mediators. Our mediation services handle situations such as parent/child conflict, divorce, separation or any conflicts within a family.

Our experienced and skillful mediators use their expertise to help clients to resolve their conflicts whether it’s emotional or financial in less time and cheaper cost. Before you decide to jump to the court to resolve the issue, go for Mediation Essex first. Always consider court a second option.

When a relationship breaks, it not only breaks you but it also affects the each and every member of the family. It affects your present and all your future planning. Moreover, it affects your emotional level very badly and when a person is not balanced emotionally he/she cannot take care of himself/herself and his/her family. So, in such a bad and complicated situation you need a reliable and an experienced mediator who give you a space to have an open communication to talk about all the concerns and finally to reach out the most favorable agreement without going through much stress.

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